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In 1979, two Valesky brothers (Bob & Garth) purchased the former L&M Market.  The store operated as a Golden Dawn until the mid-80's when the name was changed to Valesky's. The store has undergone numerous improvements and several expansions in the more than 35 years.

.Valesky's offers very competitive pricing, exceptional service, farm fresh produce, grocery selection & delivery service, quality meats, fruit baskets, party trays and more.   

Valesky's is Meadville's only locally owned supermarket. We have appreciated serving the Meadville area for over 35 years and look forward to serving you for years to come.

We will go the extra mile to give you the best possible product with the best possible service in the best possible atmosphere. It is our desire to provide a wholesome shopping experience in a clean, godly environment--free from objectionable media and tobacco products.  We also offer long-forgotten services like grocery carry-out and home delivery. .

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